Antique Christmas Decorations

It is the time of year that brings us the most memories, sometimes happy and sometimes not so much, longing for those who are no longer there. In any case, Christmas is synonymous with meetings, celebrations and lots of decoration: the houses are filled with nativity scenes, garlands, Christmas trees and many red and gold details that always add a touch of warmth.

Everything has its place, despite having been in boxes for 11 months.


Everyone knows where to put the fir tree and decorations, but have you ever wondered “when did I buy that Nativity scene figurine” or “why do I keep that old Christmas ball so lovingly”? There was a time when everything was new, and above all, modern.

Decorating the house for Christmas is something that began to be done in the fifties, so we started in that decade and reviewed, year by year, what was worn and what was a trend. Find your year and you will see how many memories return to your head. And who knows! With antique Christmas decorations, The decorations you grew up with may play a role in influencing your Christmas style for today.



We enter 2000 and we meet The Grinch, a character who hates Christmas in particular and people in general. To get revenge on both of them, he steals the gifts left by Santa Claus, this is a great idea for antique Christmas decorations that you can do for your house this Christmas.

 Antique Christmas Decorations


Christmas 2001 has a dramatic tone due to the 9/11 attacks in the US To commemorate the victims, two large trees are placed in the place where the Twin Towers were. This tribute to that incident can be used as antique Christmas decorations for us.



Led lights begin to form part of the domestic landscape, also at Christmas. Lights of all colors illuminate door frames, stair railings and even mangers. We know that sound a bit old trend but that what antique Christmas decorations are for!



One of the most charismatic artists, signs part of the city's lighting. The streets shine thanks to the characters that come out of the places.



The concern for the health of the planet is becoming more and more evident and extends to all areas, also to that of Christmas decorations. The more conscientious begin to combine the classic glass or plastic balls with others made of wood.



The schedules are becoming more flexible and, now, the children also take part in the more nocturnal celebrations, such as the end of the year. And what better way to start the year dressed up with glasses, marabou scarves, glitter.



The Nordic design begins to enter the houses also at this time. Small wooden figures dot the nativity scenes, offering a more natural version of Christmas.



The boom of decorated cookies makes an appearance. The ovens are filled with these little figurines that, once on the table, are a real eye-catcher, yet another great idea for antique Christmas decorations. Who has not surrendered to the charm of a cookie with a smiley face?



The tradition of buying the nativity scene figurines or the ornaments for the tree in specialized fairs lives a moment of splendor. They are fairs in the main squares of cities and towns that invite you to socialize.



At the end of this decade, the DIY fever manifests itself or, what is the same, of "do it yourself". It is a very transversal trend that also affects the Christmas environment, with proposals that are as original as they are beautiful. So we shall do a DIY antique Christmas decorations this Christmas!



Lapland is consolidated as the most magical place at Christmas. From there the reindeer and Santa Claus leave in his sleigh to distribute gifts to all the children who have listened to their parents during the year.

I think these retro ideas will be great if we use these or some of these for our year antique Christmas decorations and decorate our house with love and respect with the jumily family!

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