Basic Utensils And Essential Kitchenware By Jumily

Basic Utensils And Essential Kitchenware By Jumily

Equipping a kitchen from scratch can be a real hassle if we have just become independent or simply do not have much idea of ​​what our needs will be when we get down to business.

Something to keep in mind is, based on our routine, establish a series of essentials that facilitate the task. Utensils and kitchenware, By making it clear that we need to, we also avoid unnecessary expenses on items that we will surely never use.

And to make the task less tedious, we have compiled a series of utensils and various household items necessary whether you are a beginner or an expert cook: from saucepans to pans, through knives and cutters among others.

  1. Pans

The choice of a good frying pan depends on many factors, from the size, the materials and the quality of the same: you may prefer a cheaper set but with a good assortment of sizes or on the contrary you prefer to reduce the quantity and invest in materials quality.

But if your thing is to throw basic like a potato omelette , grilled meats or even oriental-style vegetable dishes , you may be interested in a complete set where non-stick is a priority that includes various sizes and shapes.

2.Cooking batteries

Like the pans, the materials also matter in the choice of our cookware since they must be suitable for our type of kitchen. Utensils and kitchenware, We can get a complete forged aluminum battery compatible with both induction hob and glass ceramic, like this Smile MGK-12 which is also the best seller on Amazon.

  1. Knives

A set of knives is essential in every kitchen worth its salt, complete tableware usually does not have this tool for cooking (beyond knives to cut meat or fish already on the table) and they are as important as pans (or even more).

You do not need to invest in a great variety, just three essentials are enough : the onion, multipurpose to the tip or saw, preferably in stainless steel.


  1. Baking dishes

If you are to take advantage of the oven , whether to prepare gratins, pasta, puff pastry or lighter dishes such as fish or vegetables, you will need the appropriate containers.


  1. Peelers

Few things are more tedious than peeling potatoes, especially if you have to remove the skin (this also applies to zucchini, carrots and much more). Utensils and kitchenware, That is why a peeler is a simple but essential purchase . You have them made of steel or with a plastic handle, we recommend the first ones because without spending much more you get something more quality.



  1. Ladle and skimmer set

Another essential purchase is a good set of cooking utensils: spatulas, skimmers and of course ladles . Utensils and kitchenware, The price of these sets that (although they can be purchased separately, they are of complete interest) varies depending on the number of utensils and their material.


  1. Spatulas

If you are one of those who prefer to buy the most basic utensil separately, then you should get a good spatula, this one from the Lékué brand made of silicone can be a quite acceptable and affordable option.


8 Wire mixers

Hand-held beaters or hand blenders are one of those utensils that do not seem to be lacking in any kitchen, even if they are not used. Utensils and kitchenware, But, although they are always associated with baking, the manual whisk is a fundamental tool that can have multiple uses, and there are many different types.

Although it is present in some more complete sets, it is an inexpensive utensil, which is good to have quality.


  1. Tables

Believe it or not, there is a world of possibilities when choosing a table for our kitchen . From the traditional wood that is so elegant in decoration magazines to other more practical materials suitable for the dishwasher.


  1. Strainers and drainers

To strain a juice, sprinkle sugar or in the case of drainboards, leave the pasta just right , strainers and drainers are essential in any kitchen.


  1. Mixing bowls

Another very useful utensil is mixing bowls, perfect for preparing basic salads or more complex dishes such as ceviche . Utensils and kitchenware, The metallic ones are the most advisable and we find games with different sizes for all budgets.

Stay tuned to our website Smile lily for more news and updates.

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