Beautiful And Cheap Ideas To Renovate Your House With Jumily

Beautiful And Cheap Ideas To Renovate Your House With Jumily

by Adeem Sarfraz on Aug 09, 2021

Beautiful And Cheap Ideas To Renovate Your House With Jumily

If your house doesn't inspire you, change it! We give you many Cheap decoration ideas so that you can find the ones that best suit your needs.



Tired of your headboard? Try upholstering it. Choose a fabric that you like and staple it behind. You can coordinate the colors of its pattern with the bedding and even make a matching cushion.



If you hang some vaporous curtains, ideally in white, linen or cotton tones on the porch, and you will have privacy and a more welcoming air. You can find 145 x 300 cm cotton curtains your porch.



Gather multiple plants in the same corner to create a more striking "little oasis" effect. Find a bright corner and create several levels with plants of different sizes and heights. Also play with different pots.



This mirror on the dining room wall creates a false window that doubles the space and multiplies the light. Choose the mirror in proportion to the table. The panels give it a plus of style. It is a design by Cuqui Olmedo.



A roll of wallpaper is enough to redecorate that corner. You find them from about  $20 .



The covers are easily changed and there are a variety of prices, also "low cost". To combine plain and patterned the trick is that they share a color and have a large print.


This is a cheap idea to decorate, and it is that you do not need to buy anything. Change the squares of place and make a new composition with the ones you already have, playing with the sizes. Or look for prints that you already have or even fabrics and scarves, and renew the paintings with them.



The walls, a door, or even the closet will look like new with trim. The ones from Smile lily are easy to install and allow you all kinds of designs. They are fixed with a special glue and can be painted.



Give that antique piece of furniture a second chance. You can strip it, change the handles, paint it ... There are striping kits with everything you need from around $15.



As much as you try to create the perfect atmosphere in your living room, a worn or old-fashioned sofa creates an untidy image that can ruin everything. Why buy a new sofa out of your budget? If you are looking for cheap decorating ideas, have you thought about updating it with some new sofa covers? You have many options, they even sell them tailored to the most popular models .



Do you think that your furniture no longer fits with the decorative style you want to achieve? Do you feel that they lack personality? Do they seem too dark or do you feel that they have become outdated? Don't worry, your pocket doesn't have to suffer to make a change. Take a look at all these easy ideas from Smile lily.



In this, the countries of the North have a lot of advantage to us: Accustomed to having to take advantage of every last ray of light, they handle interior lighting like nobody else and use it to create different environments. If you want to imitate them, do not limit yourself to placing a single lamp on the ceiling: it creates annoying shadows and sometimes produces flat light scenes that can be reminiscent of an operating room or a workshop. Place different points of light of various intensities at different heights to modify the atmosphere according to the activity you do. Don't forget to add a low, warm light to create a cozy atmosphere.



The headboard is the central focus of your bedroom. If you do not have one or the one that exists does not convince you ... Do not resign yourself to living with a boring headboard! There are dozens of eye-catching solutions for a low budget. Try using sticky paper, covering it with fabrics, draping it with a plaid gracefully, reclaiming an old recycled door, making one out of pallet slats, adding mirrors to an old window frame ... Check out some of these ideas to renew your headboard.

We hope that you have liked these ideas from Smile lily that will take very less efforts and money but will result in wonderful and full of creation inside your house. Who would have thought that renewing your home would be that easy with just minimum amount of cash and just your imagination and focus towards designing your house? We at Smile lily like to take care of your house as one of our own, and when we are talking about a home then it has to look and feel the best so please do look forward into implementing these idea to your own house and make your house your own beautiful paradise!

Stay tuned to our website Smile lily for more news and updates.

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