Christmas Light Accessories

Before the arrival of the holiday season, we began to practice the typical traditions of the time, such as preparing food dishes, celebrating parties, gifts and decoration. The latter being an important factor to generate the ideal environment in the celebration of these parties, so that the tree, the lights and the stars cannot be missing. Based on this, we are going to share some tips when installing Christmas light accessories in your home, in terms of  electrical safety , decoration, among others.


Tips for installing Christmas light accessories at home

Do you know how to install Christmas lights at home ? In the following tips you will learn about it and much more:


Use dimensions correctly

Regarding the dimensions that you will use to install your Christmas light accessories, you must take into account that you do not need a very large space and exaggerate with a large number of lights. Since you can lose overloading the decoration and giving an unattractive effect in your decoration.

Ideally, you should achieve a balance and harmony between the dimensions of the space you use to decorate with the environment where it is located.


Types of Christmas light accessories to choose

When choosing the type of Christmas lights you should take into account that you will need to choose whether to use colored or mono-colored lights. Since it is recommended that you use only one type of Christmas lights, so as not to overload the decoration.

On the other hand, you will have to decide if these will be fixed or will flicker. Of course, this point will be easy for you because the vast majority of modern lights that are available on the market have a regulator where you control the type of blinking you want.

 Christmas light accessories

How to install the lights on the Christmas tree?

When you go to install your Christmas light accessories on your Christmas tree, it is recommended that you start from the base to the top of the tree, following a spiral shape. Always leaving the end of the plug at the base of the tree to facilitate its connection to the outlet.


How to install Christmas lights on windows, balconies and terraces?

When installing Christmas light accessories on windows, balconies and terraces. It is best to use the railings for this. That is, you will wrap the lights around the top and vertical railings. It is recommended that you do not decorate all the railings, but do it in some horizontal and vertical without overdoing it. For example: You can choose one out of every three railings.


How to install Christmas lights outside your home?

If you live in a house, you can take advantage of its shape and contour for decoration. That is, installing the Christmas light accessories on the roof terraces, the doors, the ends of the walls, window frames, among others.

You could also take advantage of highlighting the trees in your garden with a little decoration with Christmas lights.

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