How To Get A Well Organized Closet

The closet and the dressing room are the spaces where it is most difficult for us to maintain order. Follow these tips and you will have a well organized closet.

Take everything out of the closet, clean and select what you really need. You will realize that there are certain garments that you have not used for a long time and that you can throw away to save space. From there, separate into groups: short or long-sleeved, plain or patterned shirts, casual or dress pants, etc. The more divisions you make, the easier it will be to save, find, and keep in order.


Sometimes it is necessary to carry out an internal reorganization of the closet or dressing room. Taking time to do this can be very helpful. It's not really wasted time, but time well spent. It is worth taking a look at everything inside, checking the space, studying the possibilities it offers and finally moving on to the next step: the layout.



To organize the closet, it is important that you make an efficient distribution. Leave the clothes and accessories that you use the most at your fingertips. If you are going to put several bars to hang short clothes, put shirts and jackets on the top; and, at the bottom, pants and skirts. Use the same hangers and store by color, from lightest to darkest.


Fold the clothes and you will save space. It is a way of having everything well distributed and not creating chaos. You can do it vertically, putting one garment next to another. Well organized closet, If you do it horizontally, remember that the distance between the shelves is not more than 30 cm, it will be easier to grasp and you will always have it at hand.



The key to order is to make the most of the space you have. The storage and organizing items at jumily  helps you plan and design your interior based on your needs. It provides practicality and comfort, being very ergonomic, a very interesting solution to organize the house with style.

 Well Organized Closet

Bars are basic. If they are in the upper part, that they are tilting, so you will take the clothes without any effort. Another essential accessory is the trouser rack, made up of removable bars that make it easy to put on and choose these garments. We also recommend the placement of shelves and a shoe rack that allows you to make a quick choice.



Long and short clothes need their place in the closet. Therefore, it allocates 170 cm and 110 cm respectively. To have a well organized closet, try that the garments are well positioned and fasten a button so that they do not fall or wrinkle. Destine the upper part to everything that is out of season or what you do not use, being some practical solutions to store your clothes.

Take advantage of the holes to put boxes to organize different accessories and allocate a shelf to the bags, in such a way that the rigid ones put them in bags with papers inside so that they do not deform.



We don't usually remember them until they start to pile up in the closet. Therefore, drawers with dividers, fixed or mobile and with a glass front, are perfect. Here you can store underwear, upright socks and rolled belts. They become furniture and storage items that adapt very well to any space.


In the end, it is a way of not mixing and you will have everything located in one place and fully accessible.Keep a well organized closet, and keep your glasses and jewelry close at hand, with a removable panel, like this one from Ikea. Ties and foulards can be placed on multipurpose hangers, they will be in perfect condition. So these are the tips to keep your closet tidy! We hope that you liked our tips, tricks and products we offer at jumily, please be safe and have a comfortable and tidy life with jumily!

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