How To Make A Small Room Elegant With Less Efforts

Making a small room elegant is a challenge, since it is about adding elements that make this small space look harmonious and cozy. Although it must be clarified that it is not an impossible task as many think; as long as it is seen as a project where all the energy and creativity will be put to obtain, as a result, a dream room.

Taking the above as a challenge, throughout this article we give you several ideas to make your small room look perfect.


  1. Don't sacrifice anything, just strategically accommodate.

The first thing to think about is that having a small room does not mean sacrificing the presence of things you want there. As long as values ​​that are necessary, through shelves or a very ingenious arrangement you will be able to enjoy them and with that you can make a small room elegant.


  1. Furniture, the thinner the better

This is no secret, the thinner the structure of the furniture it will occupy less space, perhaps you do not save the meters of extension, but at least not everything is so close and making it difficult for you to move.


  1. There are not only long armchairs

Although those two or three-seater sofas are very common in living rooms, it does not mean that you should only have these pieces in your home, much less if you do not have dimensions to spare; better place individual armchairs, they also look great.


  1. That your chairs have more uses

There is not enough space in your house, you already have it well detected, then it is time for you to identify the sofas that are not only that, but also a bed for your visits or a recliner for your reading moments, this in fact also comes in handy when making a small room elegant.

small room elegant 


  1. Banks not only for the kitchen

Let's leave behind the idea that benches can only be on one side of the breakfast bar, they also have a place in those  small rooms that want to provide all the comforts but do not want to be saturated.



  1. White should be the star of your room

For small rooms there is no better color to use than white, it makes the space look wider, as well as being better lit. Now if you want to combine other colors, add them in accessories, paint on the walls, cushions, etc.


  1. Light up from various angles

When we add different points of light in a small room we are providing depth, this effect will automatically expand the space. A good idea is to place spotlights, the kind we call "portholes", over the space you want to highlight.


  1. Add color creatively

In one of the previous tips we mentioned that white should be the protagonist, but the contrast? You can add it in a unique and different way to make your small room elegant, you decide how to do it, it can be on a colorful tile floor or on a bright colored sofa.


The team at jumily is always there for your everyday needs! Please take a look at our home decor section and select something to brighten up your home!

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