Kitchen Cleaning Importance Is Very Important

This area of ​​your home requires a rigorous and deep cleaning. To achieve this, we give you the basic guide so that you can enjoy it safely.

The kitchen is by definition the center of any home: which is why kitchen cleaning importance is a must, not only do we spend time preparing food there, but it is also the perfect place for informal gatherings, talks and moments to generate precious memories.


Make cleaning a habit

The first thing is to understand that our kitchen cleaning importance requires a routine cleaning. Therefore, you do not have to wait for stains or dirt to appear before starting the task of removing them. Although of course, it is necessary to differentiate between the areas of greatest use and those hidden or large spaces in which cleaning can be postponed. To these, it is worth spending time about twice a year, but in the rest of our kitchen, especially in the areas of daily action, it must be done regularly, preferably before starting to prepare food, and remove waste by the end.

Practicing it as a family can turn this activity into a fun and even motivational dynamic for children to understand the importance of cleanliness.


Spend time in the spaces with the greatest care

There are areas of the kitchen that require daily attention and disinfection: we are talking about the sink , washing sponges and kitchen towels. For the kitchen cleaning importance, first you can use a paste made with baking soda and water; scrub with a non-abrasive sponge and rinse. Also, when finished you can add a little white vinegar, a very effective antiseptic, and remove the residue with water.

 Kitchen Cleaning Importance

As for sponges and rags, they must be disinfected regularly because humidity encourages the proliferation of bacteria. One way can be to immerse them for 5 minutes in a solution made of water and 10% chlorine, rinse them and let them dry. Another possibility, if the model allows it, is to microwave them for two minutes in a bowl with water; repeat the rinsing operation and let it dry. But yes, you have to renew them every two weeks, approximately, to avoid the proliferation of germs .


Get sanitized surfaces

Between the cutting boards and the surfaces where we place all the products in the kitchen there must be a thorough cleaning process. For kitchen cleaning importance our recommendation is that the first ones be made of plastic, as they are less likely to store bacteria. As for the latter, you have to do the daily disinfection with warm water and a soapy solution that eliminates germs. In addition, a cloth designed exclusively for cleaning these areas must be passed, which is soft in texture and does not scratch any cover. The kitchen countertops do not require extra care, so they are ideal to have an impeccable kitchen without sacrificing design.


Get a shiny floor

In general terms, it would be enough to sweep and clean with soapy water three or four times a week, but given the special situation we live in, it is recommended to do this process every day, once cooking has finished. For a better result, you can mop with a mixture of water and vinegar, and before it dries, now mop again with warm water and everyday floor soap. This will ensure that the floor is disinfected.


Give new life to your stove

For obvious reasons, it is one of the areas most likely to get dirty. To clean it, first make sure it is cold and with all the knobs closed. Use soapy water, a soft sponge, and a damp cloth to clean up the soap residue. The important thing is not to use caustic soda, because it deteriorates the materials, or degreasers that include it. As for grills, for kitchen cleaning importance it is best to wash them frequently with warm soapy water, and if they have food residues, leave them soaking or even use a paste of baking soda and water, and scrub with a toothbrush before rinsing. If you think you need a fiber, look for those made of plastic mesh to avoid scratches.

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