The Importance And Uses Of Garden Tools With Jumily

The Importance And Uses Of Garden Tools With Jumily

by Adeem Sarfraz on Oct 14, 2021

The Importance And Uses Of Garden Tools With Jumily

When we are going to do any gardening work it is vitally important to have good tools and that those used are appropriate for the work we will do. This is so in the vast majority of cases. Garden Tools, Unfortunately, the shortcuts and other tricks that we can find on the internet the only thing that leads us is to waste time and to an unsatisfactory finish.

Gardening and agriculture require intensive and continuous use of tools . So much so, that on many occasions, if not most, we do not stop to perform the necessary maintenance. Maintenance with the aim that garden and agricultural tools have a long life

Fall is a time of year when we are going to do a lot of garden maintenance. In the case of pruning, cleaning or weeding we will need tools. We will see in another article the use of garden machinery used in large areas or exemplary trees, while in this article we will focus on appropriate tools for small green spaces.


Rake broom : A bed of colored leaves on the surface of our garden or patio can seem very decorative. It is what autumn has, which gives us a yellow, brown, red and orange carpet. Garden Tools, In addition, when these leaves fall in a flower bed or a bed, they serve to return part of the nutrients, becoming compost in their degradation, as well as, they protect the roots and beneficial organisms that live under the ground from the cold. But when leaves occupy a walking surface, they can pose a slip fall hazard. To collect these leaves, the rake broom is used, with which we can also sweep other plant debris that we find lying around or pruning remains.


Hoe : With the rains it is common for many spontaneous autumn herbs to germinate. The seeds and bulbs wait underground until they are activated when the temperature becomes milder and the soil becomes sufficiently moist. Garden Tools, Manual weeding is the gardening work we use to eliminate these opportunistic weeds that grow between the bushes and tree stands that we grow in the garden. To weed, we use a short-handled hoe in flower beds or a long-handled hoe when we want to remove weeds in a flower bed. We are going to have to do this work very frequently, because spontaneous herbs are very persistent and every three days they are germinating again. 


Pruning shears : Autumn is one of the most common times for pruning, as this is how we prepare the plants for the cold and we make sure we have the green shoots we want to face spring. We will find two types of pruning shears, one-handed and two-handed . Garden Tools, The first is the one we are most used to seeing and, as its name suggests, to handle it we squeeze it with one hand. The second must be avoided confusing it with the shear cutter. The two-handed pruning shears can be recognized by the tip that is much shorter and with a rounded shape. It is used using both hands, but we force ourselves with the chest when we are going to cut. On many occasions, the two-handed pruning shears They have extendable handles to be able to cut thick branches in trees higher.


Sierra : There are times when the branches are quite thick and we will not be able to prune with two-handed pruning shears . Garden Tools, In this case we use the saw, which is not exactly the same tool as those used in carpentry because the cutting blade is somewhat curved to adapt to the round shape of the branch. There is a complement to the saw called a pole that allows us to prune at high heights, without having to climb a ladder.


Hedge trimmer : Unlike the two-handed pruning shears , the cutting blades of the hedge trimmer are narrow and elongated, in this way we cover a greater cutting width. We use it to prune or shape hedges and climbing plants that we may have covering a fence or a garden wall.



How to care and maintain your garden and agricultural tools

  • Basic maintenance . Big brands strive to create quality products that last over time. Therefore, it is to keep our tools in good condition to ensure their quality and potency. All machinery needs basic and minimal supervision and maintenance.
  • Order . If you are a professional gardener or agricultural worker, you surely have endless tools and machines to carry out the different daily tasks. We advise you to order the orders in order to identify which ones you use the most, the ones that least, the ones that need the most maintenance and which ones are the new ones you have purchased.
  • Cleaning . All the tools that we use must be washed and cleaned from time to time. Why? Because they are in contact with the earth, chemical substances ...
  • Grease and sharpen . Chainsaws, brushcutters, trimmers, lawnmowers ... they all need greasing and sharpening maintenance. It is unavoidable.

Garden Tools, In addition, each machine or tool in its instructions will carry indications of how we should take care of them and thus have them for a long time.

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Stay tuned to our website Smile lily for more news and updates.

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