Tips For Choosing Kitchen Utensils And Implements

Tips For Choosing Kitchen Utensils 

Do you know how to choose your utensils or implements in the kitchen wisely?

Perhaps many of the utensils that we will mention in this list are already in your kitchen , but perhaps a couple of them are not yet in your repertoire and you will have a good excuse to go shopping.

Kitchen utensils, If you are starting pay close attention because you do not want to miss any valuable tips  when choosing utensils and implements for your kitchen.

Knives :

It is always important to have a bunch of knives, which facilitate cuts , whether they are meat, poultry, fish, vegetables or bread.

For this reason it is essential to acquire good quality knives that last over time and that in the long term allow us to save money.


These are the most used knives in the kitchen:


The serrated knife , this allows us to cut the bread in a better way as well as to divide the cakes.

The large chef or onion knife, this knife is excellent for making premium cuts of protein and vegetables.

The small knife called a peeler or chopper , this is perfect for cutting fruits, garlic and some small vegetables.

The fillet knife is the one with a long and thin blade ideal for filleting fish and meats accurately.

Finally we have the boning knife , which has a curved and thin blade, essential for removing the meat from a piece of chicken and, as its name says, boning .

Measuring cups and spoons :

It is necessary to take into account a set of measuring cups and spoons because we will come across recipes that merit it.

These usually come in plastic or aluminum,  in any way they will be effective, invest in a game of them and I assure you that in practice you will appreciate it.

The stainless steel ones are the best because in addition to being resistant they are very easy to clean.


Balance or weight:

Having a weight at home is our indispensable ally to carry out and plan any mise en place of a recipe, the outstanding advantage is that weighing the ingredients using a scale allows us to be precise, which is essential to avoid wasting any ingredient and avoid making erroneous calculations of portions within meals.

In baking, weight represents a determining factor when making any recipe, if you are just starting out, do not hesitate to buy one .


Wooden or silicone spoons:

Kitchen utensils, Within a recipe they are always asking us to stir this or dissolve that, sometimes they identify the utensil that we require, however it is good to always have a good wooden spoon on hand, ideal for mixing and dissolving.


Silicone spatula:

Within the glossary of home cooking terms it is also known as "miserable" and is a favorite in the kitchen , the spatula has the versatility of being required at the most circumstantial moment in the preparation of any meal, even if you only need to add some ingredient, mix in an enveloping way or pour the mixture into molds with the spatula you will reach all the difficult corners .

I advise you that if you are going to buy a spatula, verify that it has a silicone tip, since it gives you more flexibility and scope when cooking.


Plastic containers:

Kitchen utensils, In the kitchen a recipe will always require a bowl to mix, beat or incorporate , it is good that in your kitchen you have a couple of these, as well as containers that help you assemble your mise en place and containers with a lid so you can store the content of your preparations when you require it.


Molds :

Nowadays it is very common to acquire molds, whether traditional or shaped , we will continually use them in the preparations of our meals, if you are starting in the pastry shop, acquiring a set of round or square molds will be a good option, beyond From the manufacturing material we are going to focus on having a height between 10 cm to 15 cm , the most common material is aluminum, stainless steel or Teflon .

Lately silicone molds are very common , they represent a great advantage because the mixtures do not adhere to them when unmolding, for cupcakes they are a great help , and you can find them in very different ways another advantage of these molds is that they serve so much for the cold of the freezer or for the heat of the oven , if you have the opportunity do not hesitate to make a good investment in these molds.




Minor utensils:

Within this line we have the balloon-type beater , essential when integrating mixtures or raising egg whites. Also a good sieve or set of colanders will facilitate the task of sifting or separating liquids from solids, both the colanders and the beaters come made of plastic and stainless steel if you already have it then give it a good use and clean them well when finished using. Kitchen utensils, If you plan to buy one, pay attention when choosing that the sieve is not very coarse because many large particles can pass through, nor very fine because it would increase the sieving time.

Among the minor utensils we also have the soup ladle, the slotted spoon, and the turning spatula , which will undoubtedly be very useful in the preparation of any dish .


Cutting board:

The best tool when it comes to cooking, if you don't have it, write it down on your shopping list. The boards usually come from wood and plastic material, I recommend that you have at least 2 or 3 several and assign one for meats, another for fish and finally one for vegetables exclusively.

To clean them, from time to time you can apply boiling water to better eliminate food residues, especially when they contain a lot of fat.


Electric artifacts:

This factor is very decisive for any kitchen , do not worry if you still do not have all the electrical appliances, little by little you will acquire them; The most essential in a kitchen are a blender, microwave, a hand or stand mixer , and lastly a food processor or blender .



The pots represent part of the heritage of a kitchen , usually it is one of the first things that we bring to the house and that allow us to prepare great dishes, so it is essential to make a good selection of a set of pots that will last for a lifetime .

Kitchen utensils, Regularly the most recommended by chefs are copper pots because they react quickly to changes in temperature, followed by stainless steel ones that visually look the best and are also durable, others that stand out are aluminum, glass and ceramics that are still a good option.

If you buy the complete set, they usually come with 5 pots, make sure you bring 2 small pots, a medium one, a large one and a frying pan.

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