Untangle your thoughts: The wonders of a puzzle

Imagine this: There is this puzzle you’ve been struggling with for days now. The shapes and sizes are difficult to put in the right place. What do you feel after you finally manage to do it and the last piece of this puzzle goes into its place?

It rewards you with a picture you’ve been yearning to see, a thrust of self-satisfaction, self-confidence, and a sense of achievement. You feel a great sense of relief along with a little jolt of ‘I did it!’

Did you know?

  • The puzzle industry’s worth could jump to $730 million by 2024, as predicted byMarketWatch in 2019.

Mental health and exercise are a necessity for leading a healthy life. Puzzles are a wholesome self-care and an anxiety-releasing activity. Studies show that brainstorming on puzzles and riddles at a young age increases brain capacity. Puzzles are loads of fun and an entertaining way to teach something unique through a completely new approach.

These become a way for parents to teach new things to their children with an interesting twist and this contributes to their character-building; they can learn many great things in the process without realizing that you were teaching them all along.

Riddle me this!

What are some best puzzles to increase brain capacity and have fun at the same time?

Here are some perfect pieces to fuel the creativity of your mind and to encourage you to try new things in art and craft.

  • Nativity Puzzle with wood burned design

This Nativity Puzzle with a wood-burned design is a real treat to the eyes because it has colors engraved in its base. This provides an aesthetic look to it. It is specifically designed for children between 3 – 5 years of age. It is also suitable for adults because it can be particularly hard and challenging to complete. The wooden puzzle pieces are precisely cut, suitable, and durable.

The mechanism is pretty simple, it requires you to fit the pieces in the rectangular space. The starting piece in the center, and all the other parts have to be adjusted around it to complete the picture. But hey, the puzzle itself is challenging. The final image will be of some animals and humans gathered around Baby Jesus. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect Christmas gift?

Puzzles are also good for the brain. Doing Jigsaw puzzles can improve cognition and visual-spatial reasoning. Think about this: you’re working with your child and along with completing this puzzle, you tell him about Christmas, its origins, and how the related stories. How will he remember it differently than a story he read from an ordinary book? The impact will be far more significant due to the puzzle! It will bring out curiosity and creativity while fully entertaining them.

This puzzle set contains handmade pieces that are perfectly carved out of the finest wood. The color quality is bright and attractive. After completing this puzzle, you can hang it anywhere and decorate your house with it. It sure will be a big flex! Below are the significant features of the product.


  • Product Name: Wooden Jesus Puzzles
  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions: 20x15cm or 7.8x5.90 inch
  • Weight: 225 g.
  • The package comprises of 1 × complete jigsaw puzzle.

  Just to make things more exciting for you, there is a flash sale with an amazing 23% discount. So what are you waiting for? Grab yours before it’s too late!

  1. Earth-Moon Puzzle (1000 Pieces)

Now, this Earth-moon puzzle is more challenging and complicated than the previous one. It specifically targets teenagers and adults because of its increased complexity. This is due to the many pieces required. It comes in three different designs, i.e Earth, rainbow, and moon.

This is specifically designed to enhance and refine your qualities. Putting the puzzle pieces together requires a lot of attention and concentration. It also improves your problem-solving skills and your short-term memory. It’s easy to play with and in case you miss them up, the letters are marked on the pieces to help you out.

Playing jigsaw puzzles is an essential and viable method of working on one's memory and improves the cognitive response of your child. The challenge of putting the pieces in the right place while keeping the actual image in mind also improves mental speed and increases memory power.

Made from high-quality paper that is smooth and delicate to touch, this earth, moon, and rainbow puzzle have a total of 1000 pieces. It comprises exuberant and brilliant colors that are very pleasing to the eyes. Relieve your anxiety, chill out and have fun!


  • Design: Earth, Moon, Rainbow
  • Pieces in jigsaw puzzle:1000
  • Package dimensions:  25×25×5.7cm
  • Packing type: color box packaging
  • Final product size: 67.5X67.5CM
  • The package comprises of 1× puzzle

When you are done, showcase your hard work. Frame it and hang it in the living room, it will give your room an aesthetic vibe. Keep your mind engaged and ‘puzzle’ out the stress!

  1. Parents Offspring creative brain burning jigsaw:

This brain burning jigsaw puzzle is the hardest of all! This complex picture enhances observation and logical thinking. It is pretty engaging and if you do it with your kids, it will help them enhance their hand-eye coordination and mental IQ.    

The cutting of the pieces is accurate and symmetrical. The focal point of this puzzle is that It is made up of fall-resistant material and does not quickly lose its shape. The cardboard is thick which enhances the overall strength of the puzzle. The smooth surface area of the pieces allows them to be cleaned easily. Moreover, it is easy to sort out from the box because of extra careful paper box packaging

Such puzzles enhance your imagination, combination ability, logical thinking, and observation. It is perfect for spending some alone time to unwind and reboot after a busy day. Working on this puzzle with your family or loved ones will create a personal connection and better understanding between one another.


Enhance yourself, piece by piece...

Whatever the puzzle is, it serves one sole purpose. It boosts up your brain activity, relieves stress, and strengthens your brain. Puzzles are like an exercise of the mind and they can ignite your imagination, increase focus, and your creativity and productivity.

Meditate yourself, curb away your stress and anxiety, and have an exciting puzzle adventure!


Written by: Rabia Yousaf

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