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Who we are & what we believe is a trusted online homeware store for many families. At Jumily, we believe a better life starts at home. Some small additions – like an electric garlic masher, a food storage container, or even a cozy looking laundry basket – are easy and affordable ways to improve your little world.

Our mission is to help refine people’s life at home by offering delicate houseware that will brighten their world and create a comfortable, improved home environment.

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Our brand name JUMILY combines Home and Family.

The purpose of our brand is inspired by our founder Lynn, a confident, caring, and intellectually curious woman who is also the mother of a 12-year-old boy.

Being a mother and a woman in the workforce, life can become extremely exhausting. Lynn, like many other hard-working mothers, would appreciate building a comfy home where she can focus on relaxing and spending quality time with her family members. This is the essence of Jumily’s mission. We provide delicate, aesthetic, but highly functional living goods to improve your life at home.

Explore our products and discover what you can add to transform your home environment"

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Our Focus is You

At Jumily we want you to be genuinely wowed by our customer service team. We believe the entire experience of shopping for home additions should feel special.

Trust & Integrity

Integrity is our superpower. It’s how we develop long-term relationships.

Genuine & Caring

Our custom service team are genuine and caring.

Quick Order Handling

Nearly every new order is processed and handled on the same day.


Our team is filled with naturally friendly people. Amiability is one of the top traits that we look for when hiring new staff members.

Blessed to Give

Social Responsibility

Sharing love and taking responsibility

Our incubation company is an industry leader in home and living products with 14 years of experience. Jumily, though merely a startup, has received a tremendous amount of love, support, and understanding from our customers and fans. Our journey has not always been easy, but we are striving for the best.

With a grateful heart, we want to do our part in giving back. Here are some of the non-profits organizations we support and donate to: Power to Change, Children's Hunger Fund, Hope Project, World Vision, Global Footprint Network.

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Jumilynn the otter is our mascot and Chief Comfy Home officer.

She strives to shape a warm and cozy home experience with small homeware items.